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“I’m going to enjoy killing you.” He said grinning wickedly.

“So, you are here for your own reasons then?” Naruto asked.

“I came here to challenge you. You took away my teacher like he was nothing.” He sneered. He pulled his robe of and threw it to the ground next to him revealing blue ninja pants, and a black shirt with plated armor covering his shins, thighs, arms, and chest. He had short brown hair and striking purple eyes, with a one inch wide scar leading down from his left temple, tapering down to his chin. “I’ve come to avenge his death and this mark you gave me.” He motioned to the scar.

“Very well.  Then under the Five Sacred Laws of the Yoinokuchi, Number Six: Taguyo Chitose, you are in breach of laws Two and Five. Your sentence is…death.”

“Ha! That doesn’t matter as long as I take you with me!” he rushed Naruto.


Hinata was very confused. No, she was totally lost. What is Yoinokuchi? Could that be what Naruto was going to talk about? What have I gotten myself into? Oh, I hope Naruto is going to be okay.

Her thoughts were cut short as the strange man charged Naruto. She gasped and brought her hands to her mouth as the man unsheathed one of the short swords, and ran Naruto through with it.

“No…” she said softly with tears starting to brim in her eyes. Naruto looked at her and smiled gently, a slight trickled of blood running out of the corner of his mouth.

“You’re finished.” The man said as he unsheathed his other sword and swung it, aiming to decapitate. However, it never arrived.

It was cut in half mysteriously. Hinata activated her Byakugan and saw the chakra infused wind that Naruto had conjured up.

“You are condemned.” Naruto said softly. After checking to make sure Hinata’s Byakugan was activated he grabbed the blade that was in his stomach and snapped it off. He looked down and pulled it out of his gut, and threw it off to the side, his gut healing in a wisp of red smoke. The red chakra was boiling off of him now, freezing Hinata in place. She had never felt so much chakra before, much less chakra that felt so evil. It made her skin crawl. She wanted to turn her Byakugan off, but she saw something moving inside of him. Red smoke rolled around his stomach, finally forming into the thing of nightmares. He really does have it in him…she thought, but then she saw the two chakra appendages anchoring him into the ground, while the third formed behind him.

Naruto took a step back, speaking to the condemned in a different voice than his normal cheery one. This one had his own strained voice, along with the voice of something unseen, and evil. “You have her to thank for giving me the idea to finally complete my own unique jutsu. Well, maybe not completely unique.” He smiled baring his fangs and flashing his red eyes. “But you’re not going anywhere.”

“What d-do you mean?” the man stammered, obviously getting nervous.

Naruto simply pointed. Around the man’s feet were two red tendrils wrapping themselves around his feet and shins. Try as the man could, he could not dislodge his feet. “Hold still now, we wouldn’t want to miss and still be alive when we’re finished.”

Naruto entered his mock-Hakke stance. “Fūton: Kaze no Rokujūyon Hira(Wind Release: 64 Hands of Wind)!” His arms blurred as he struck twice, four times, eight times, thirty-two times, and finally sixty-four times.

The man, who innards were completely destroyed by the attack, crumpled to the ground in a bloody heap. Naruto ran through a couple of seals and the man’s inner chakra coils, which were already destroyed, exploded in a bright blue flame, covering what was left of the body in an intently hot fire, until all that was left was a smoking heap of ash. The red chakra receded leaving Naruto to sit down hard.

“Naruto-Kun!” Hinata yelled as she ran over to him and threw her arms around his neck and buried her face in his shoulder.

“See? I knew I’d be alright. I just had to end that quickly. If he had drawn blood, things would have gotten pretty nasty.” He smiled down at her.

Shino appeared out of the surrounding trees, and Naruto addressed him, “Get the caravan moving. I’ll meet up with you guys in a little while. I have some immediate matters to attend to.” Taking notice of Shino’s rising eyebrow, he elaborated, “Don’t worry I’ll be fine. In due time, you will all know.” Shino nodded and headed back towards the caravan, taking a stunned Shikamaru and Kiba with him.

Naruto peeled Hinata off of him. She was very upset about this, being out of contact with him, but his grip was gentle, yet firm. She looked at his eyes and he said, “Look, I’ll finish my story in a little while okay? Right now I have to be alone.” He smiled slightly.

“But…I don’t want you to be alone. What if there are more?”

He shook his head slowly, “There aren’t any more.”

“But how do you know that?”

“Because I know these people; and because his partner died a week ago.”

An explosion of earth came from behind her in the direction of the caravan. “Looks like we’ve got work to do.” He smiled at her. She nodded and they both headed back to the caravan.


Two earth-nin stood in the open. They both leered at the three ninja who barred their way to the rest of the convoy.

“Hmph. This should be fun.” One of them rasped.

“Don’t underestimate them,” the other warned “I’ve seen them fight in the past few Chuunin exams. The one with the glasses is especially dangerous.”

“Then we’ll beat them at a range…” the first sneered. “Doton: Tsuchi Enchou no jutsu (Earth Release: Earth Dome Jutsu)!”

Before the Konoha nin could react, they were trapped inside a very familiar looking dome of earth.

“Not again.” Kiba moaned “How are we supposed to get out this time?”

“What a drag…” Shikamaru complained, “Let me think for a moment.”

Sounds from outside and muffled explosions reached their ears. “Great, we’re trapped inside here, and the people are getting slaughtered!” Kiba yelled, “I’m getting us out of here! Tsuuga!” He drilled into six inches into the wall, letting a small shaft of light pierce the darkness before letting up. However, before Shino’s bugs could get through, the hole had repaired itself.

“My bugs seem to enjoy the wall.” Shino stated, noticing the dirt slowly starting to fall of the section where his bugs had attached themselves.

“Let me try again,” Kiba offered. Shino’s bugs vacated that section of wall and Kiba yelled again, “Tsuuga!” He drilled into the wall, stopping a few seconds later. This time he had drilled a neat two-foot hole into the wall, but still no light. “What the hell is going on here?”

Shikamaru spoke, “It seems as though he added more dirt onto the wall after your first try.” He hummed to himself, “What about down?” everyone looked at the floor. A huge explosion rocked everyone around inside.

“I dunno, but I might as well try.” Kiba mumbled. Shikamaru covered his face as he was sprayed with dirt. When he looked back, Kiba had already drilled a hole in the ground. “It’s okay!” he called up. “It doesn’t seem to be repairing itself…” he yelled again; then he suddenly drilled off to one side, filling the space behind him with the dirt from his front.

“Baka. How does he expect us to get out?” he asked looking at Shino, who merely shrugged. Dirt started falling from the ceiling. “We had better get out of here soon.”

At that moment, Kiba and Akamaru drilled through the side looking somewhat panicked. “C’mon!” He  yelled, motioning frantically from the to follow. The exited the dome just as it collapsed in on itself. But, they were out of the frying pan and into the fire, quite literally.

The entire forest was in flames around them. The flames were so intense, that they were sucking out most of the breathable air. Across the clearing, what was left of the two slaughtered ninja lay near a blood-splattered Naruto, his t-shirt in rags.

“I knew I needed a breastplate…” he mumbled to himself as he started picking up the scattered kunai and senbon around the roadside. Then he noticed the other four coming to him. “Oh good, you survived."

“Yea, no thanks to you.” Kiba muttered darkly.

“Actually, it was all thanks to me,” the blonde answered.

“What do you mean?” Shikamaru asked.

“I mean…” he rolled his eyes, “…that I had a choice: the princess, or you. And just my luck, I felt the need to save you guys. I killed the guy who was holding you prisoner in that mud cave, the owner of those legs over there. He gestured nonchalantly to the detached limbs that stood up against a tree like a pair of grotesque props left behind by some insane clown. “But, lets get out of here. It’s kinda getting hard to breathe.”

“But, what about the survivors?” Kiba asked.

Naruto shook his head. “None…c’mon, let’s go.” And he disappeared into the tree line. They just looked after him for a second then followed suit.


“So the mission was a failure.” Tsunade said behind clasped hands.

“Yes.” Shikamaru replied.


Shikamaru explained, “We were about a day from our destination when Naruto was attacked.” Tsunade’s eyes flicked over to Naruto, but with a wave of his hand her eyes returned to Shikamaru. “When we arrived, Naruto had already finished the battle. We were already on our way back when the caravan was attacked. We were caught in the enemy’s jutsu, but we got out after Naruto had arrived and killed them both. There were no survivors. However, I think that the dual attack was merely a coincidence. I do not believe that they knew of each other. The one Naruto was fighting wore no hita-ite, whereas, the one’s we fought were Earth-nin.”

Tsunade hummed to herself. “Who attacked you Naruto? Was it who I think it was?”

Naruto shook his head. “No, it was much worse.” Five pair of eyes swung onto him. He suddenly felt a little foolish for letting it slip. “But, that can wait until tomorrow. I promise I’ll write a report as soon as I can with as much detail as possible. You’ll get it before nine days.”

“Why nine?” Kiba asked.

“I have a schedule to keep.”

“Oh, the great and powerful Uzumaki Naruto, scheduler extraordinaire….” Kiba mumbled.

“That’s enough. You are all dismissed.” Tsunade said. “Oh, and Naruto.” He stopped and looked at her over his shoulder. “Don’t think you are a failure just because you failed your mission.” She smiled, trying to comfort the non-existent sadness. He simply shrugged and walked off.


They left the Hokage Tower, and said their goodbyes and all went their separate ways. Hinata turned towards the Hyuuga mansion, when her hand was grabbed and she was hauled in the opposite direction. She looked at the hand and saw that it was connected with Naruto’s arm.

“Come with me.” he said.

“But, Father wants me home immediately.” She said with a blush.

“He can wait.” Naruto stopped walking, and looked a her. “I’ll even giving you a note excusing you for being late.”

She giggled and allowed herself to be led away.


The two reached the ever-empty training ground seven, and Naruto stopped and leaned closely towards Hinata. Ignoring her blush he move his mouth straight to her ear, stopping a centimeter away. She could feel his warm breath, and it made her tingle all over, and blush even more. But, instead of kissing it, like she wanted him to do so badly, he spoke.

“Hinata, scan the area and make sure there is no one around. Look VERY closely.” He waited a few seconds as she looked around. “Clear?”


“You’re sure…”


“Good.” He backed away “Doton: Tsuchi Soujuu no Jutsu (Earth Release: earth Manipulation jutsu)!”  he said making the appropriate seals. Two little stone chairs molded out of the ground, and they both sat down.

“First thing: you must promise me never, ever, repeat this to another living soul. Not event he Hokage. Okay?” She nodded. “Good, now…where was I?” he thought for a moment. “Ah yes.. Jiraya is dead and I had just killed Kisame….” He started

“I was in that very town that you had met my teacher in. That little port town. I had passed out in the forest, very badly injured and exhausted, when someone picked me up and took me into his home. He cared for me, and nursed me back to health. It was two weeks before I was up and moving around normally. As you might have guessed, I couldn’t trust anyone at the time.

So, as soon as I could, I made the decision to burn Jiraya’s body and take it with me. I had gotten very close to him. He was more than a sensei, more than a brother. He became a second father figure for me. Sure he left me to train by myself for days on end to go looking at the naked women, but the time we spent together more than made up for it. As soon as I could leave, I did. I happened to take the first ship I could find. It was heading toward Water Country.


A new set of clothes had Naruto feeling in a good mood. Well, a somewhat better mood. He had cremated the remains of Jiraya and his own old Hita-Ite, and had the remains dangling off of his belt.

Standing on the bow of the ship, wind blowing in his hair, looking back at the receding Fire Shore, made him feel anew, and good. Until he had to vomit over the side of the railing. He had completely shed all emotions for anyone back home, and replaced it with a single goal: I must get stronger, so that I can keep my precious people from dying.

The next day Naruto was not feeling so well. Maybe it was and the rocking and people shouting, and the large crashes. Wait; crashes? he thought. He stumbled onto the deck just in time for a gigantic spiked ramp to crash down on the deck next to him, sending him careening into the ocean. Struggling to the surface, he found half of the broken steering wheel and latched on.

The tide was so fast that within the fifteen seconds it took for him to hit the water, reach the surface, and grab the wheel, the two ships were already hundreds of feet away, the large black sails towering over the mast of the small schooner.

He was too tired. Days of not eating, and getting little sleep had taken its toll. So, instead of running back to the ships and fighting, he clung desperately to the wheel and blacked out.


The next few days were merely a blur. Ocean, more ocean. A bird, pecking at his skull, drawing blood. An island. A beach. More beach. More beach. A pineapple. A lovely delicious heavenly pineapple. More beach. A man. A bed.

When Naruto awoke, he felt much better. The left side of his face felt really hot and hurt when he touched it, though he didn’t care at all when his stomach announced that there was food nearby.

Naruto grabbed the bowl of soup, and nearly wet himself it tasted so good. It wasn’t hot, but he didn’t care. After he was done, he began to take stock of what was around him. He was in a small bed in a very Spartan room. Only a small cooking pit, a large trunk and a window accompanied him in the room.

Naruto sat up holding his head., groaning from the headache. He swung his legs over the side, picking them up as they touched the floor, “Cold…” he said to no one. He steeled himself and stood up, wincing. He decided to look around for a while until that strange man came back.

He opened the door and gasped. He was looking upon shelf after shelf of scrolls and books. Though not very pretty compared to the Konoha library (he snuck in once), it was still awe-inspiring. He went over to the only chair and sat down in it, staring at the wall, thinking about the past few weeks.

He didn’t have long to wait as a man in his seventies entered. He had jet-black hair with red tips, and a green cloak on, fastened by a black rope belt. “Oh, good we’re up.” He smiled.

“How long was out?” Naruto moaned.

“I don’t know. Maybe three to four days. Found you on the beach. Good thing I felt your chakra signature too, you were half-past-dead when I arrived.”

“Thanks, I guess.”

“What, did you want to die?”

“No, I still have many to kill.” Naruto’s eyes got hard.

“So, you’re just like all the others…” he pulled out a small stool, and sat down on it.

“Others?” Naruto asked.

“Ninja.” He answered. “From day one, they’re brainwashed to bury their feelings, or destroy their hearts.” He shook his head. “It’s just not right, turning a human into a machine. If we were all killers we would all be like Kyuubi.” Naruto’s back stiffened at the mention of his ever-constant companion. He shuddered at the memories.

Takashi continued, “But there is hope for our kind yet. It lies in people like you. And in order to have emotions later on, we must kill those who would dare oppose it; Swiftly and without remorse. It is those years of peace that we strive for.”


“Hn. never mind that.” He smiled “Let me get changed and then we’ll go get something to eat.

Naruto nodded and followed Takashi into the room after a few minutes. Takashi already had a small fire going in the pit and was getting ready to leave. “I have various traps set up in the forest. I’m going to go see if I caught anything that we can eat for lunch.”

“You wouldn’t happen to have any ramen would you?”

“Not for you. You don’t need ramen right now.” He said opening the door “Back in a few…”

A few hours later, the sun had reached its zenith, and began its long decent, and Takashi finally returned with an already dressed young deer slung over his shoulders. “Sorry it took so long, the trap was meant for a rabbit, so it just hurt this one’s leg, and I had to track it down. Hope you don’t mind, I cleaned it and left the nasty bits for the critters.

Takashi put on a fire out of some logs on the side of the small house. Noticing Naruto’s confused look, he explained. “Can’t have a dead animal stinking up where we’re going to sleep can we?” Naruto hummed.

Takashi started cutting strips of meat and put them in the pot he had over the fire and added water. “Now, I’ll let that stew for a while, so we’ve got nothing better to do than talk.” He looked at Naruto, “So, how did you come to wash up on my beach?”

Naruto sighed, looking into the fire. “I was training and my sensei died.” Takashi nodded solemnly to himself, but Naruto corrected himself, “No, he was murdered; by someone who wanted to get to me.”

“What’s so important about you?”

“I…don’t know.” Naruto lied. “But, instead of fighting honorably, they poisoned him. When I found his body and the bastard that killed him, I…I broke down and lost it.” He said forcing back tears. “He was second person would’ve considered a father. The first almost gave his life for me, putting his own body in the way. HE would have died with honor, but poisoning a man while he’s drunk; that’s low.” Naruto chuckled, “He, he got what he had coming, that damned coward.” He held up his hands and looked at them, “Tore him apart with these very hands. At first I was horrified. It was…like I was taken over. I couldn’t control my body, but I could watch. Part of me was glad I couldn’t control my body; glad that I couldn’t feel his intestines as I pulled them out and showed them to him. But, another part of me wished that I could. It wished that I could show him his still beating heart, while I held it in front of him while he died.” He sighed again, “I got away from his partner, or more correctly, he got away from me.” Naruto smiled wickedly, “S-rank bloodline ninjutsu my ass. Apparently he hasn’t met anyone with my…talents before.”

S-rank…no… is he talking about Itachi? Wow this kid is really something. Then again, there’s no way that a mere Genin could break the Tsukiyomi. Maybe something ELSE in his mind did though. Takashi thought. And he smiled a little bit.  There’s my luck for me. Of all the places in the world he could be, he had to show up on my beach. I can’t believe I’ve found him. Fourteen years and I’ve found him.

“So I headed back to the town, and barely made it too. An old man found me and nursed the back to semi-health. And in that time I found a reasonable purpose in life.

“…And that is?” Takashi asked.

“I can’t get near my friends; otherwise they’d just die horribly. Also I live on borrowed time, so I wish to spend it protecting them from anything that would destroy them, even if it means myself.”

“It makes me glad to hear you say that,” Takashi said as he disappeared inside for a minute and came back with a small bag. “Here, cut these and continue your story.”

Naruto opened the sack and pulled out a carrot and potato in each hand. He looked back and forth between them and then at Takashi. “Um, I don’t know how to cook.”

“Than that’s something else I’ll have to teach you.”

Naruto ‘humphed’, completely missing the ‘else’. “Anyways…” he started cutting the vegetables with the knife that Takashi gave to him. “…After I left the old man’s home, I knew I couldn’t go back, so I decided to get stronger someplace else.”

“Wait,”  Takashi interrupted. “Didn’t you have a teacher who trained you?”

“Ppff, some teacher he was. Kakashi-sensei didn’t even teach me one single jutsu.” He help up a finger to emphasize his point “He always played favorites. ‘The famous Copy-nin, Master of a Thousand Jutsu; he taught my rival his own technique; the one original jutsu that he created. He taught me more in that damn bell test than the entire span I was his student. As a ninja, he’s top notch, but as a teacher, he totally fails. Even Ero-sennin was a better teacher. He taught me the only thing can beat the Chidori.” He grinned smugly.

“So wait a minute,” Takashi put his hands up “You’ve had Kakashi AND Jiraya as teachers?” Naruto nodded. “Okay, once you’re fully recovered, how about a spar?”

Naruto eyed him with suspicion. “I mean no offense, but you’ve got to be like ninety years old.”

Takashi coughed and stuck his chin out. “I’m only seventy-two, and I was quite the ninja in my day. I might even have a jutsu or two to teach you.”

Naruto’s eyes lit up. “Really? Wow, that’s so cool. I can’t wait till the next time I see Sasuke-teme. I’ll REALLY show him who the boss is.”

“Who’s Sasuke-teme?”

Naruto poured the sliced vegetables into the boiling stock, and related his story to Takashi. Once he was finished, Takashi was shaking with barely restrained laughter.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! For a ‘genius’ he sure is dumb.” Seeing Naruto look at him questioningly, he explained, “When someone smokes, is it worse for them if they smoke the air from the cigarette or second hand?” Naruto thought about Shikamaru's sensei, and shrugged. “Let me explain. Its worse when you get it from the cigarette, because second-hand has already been filtered twice; once through the cigarette, once through the smoker’s lungs.” Naruto ‘oh-ed’ and shrugged again. “It works the opposite way with Sasuke. Both Orochimaru and Itachi learned from Konoha, so why go to them? It’s working against him. Why go to some second-rate pretender when you can go straight to the source?”

Naruto was nodding his head, “You’re right. Man you’re smart!”

Takashi tapped his head, “It comes in bursts kid. When you’re my age, you take what you can.”

“So! What are you going to teach me?” Naruto leaned in.

“Not so fast, you gotta prove to me that you’re worthy.”

“Yosh! After dinner, I’ll go straight to bed. That way tomorrow I’ll be ready to fight you!”


Naruto woke with a start. He giggled to himself, “Today’s the day…” He hurriedly dressed himself and ran into Takashi’s room. “Wake up! Wake up!” Takashi moaned and rolled over, covering his head with a pillow. “C’mon, wake up!”

“Just cause you got a full night’s sleep, doesn’t mean I did.” He made s shooing motion with his hand. “Go run three laps around the island, or something.”

“Okay!” with that, Naruto disappeared, leaving a smirking Takashi. He actually knew how big the island really was.

A few hours later, Naruto trudged into the little yard, exhausted. “Wow…that was…really far…” he panted, sitting down hard.

“Rest for a minute. You’ll need it.” He opened and eye to see Naruto lying flat on his back, clutching his stomach to silence its roars. “It’s not much, but I have some instant ramen in the chest for when I…Naruto?” he looked around. “Where’d he go?” Naruto had come back, with four cups of instant ramen, and was already in the process of lighting the previous night’s fire. “Now way you can eat all that…”

Naruto eyed him mischievously. “Wanna bet?”

“Um…no thanks” Naruto finished them all in only ten minutes.

“So…good…” and Naruto fell asleep.


Naruto stood in his battle stance, which meant he was standing with his arms crossed, glaring at Takashi. Takashi was wearing a dark blue shirt, with a white vest, and dark blue pants.

Naruto charged when Takashi blinked; Naruto quickly made four Kage Bunshins and screamed, pulling out Kunai, and hurling them towards Takashi. Takashi simply unsheathed two eighteen-inch short swords and blocked each one in quick succession. He then started weaving in and out of Naruto’s clones, dodging punches and kicks, and occasionally sending out one of his own, snuffing out a clone each time. Naruto grew frustrated when his clones were gone and he quickly made a dozen more.

Takashi’s eyes widened. “Where did you get the chakra to do that?”

“I’ve had it since I was born!” he yelled and charged.

Within Takashi’s mind, he flashed back to the very night, fourteen years ago. He was standing on the outskirts of a town in Earth Country. The was nothing special about this town, except its purpose with his group. A large red spark in the air meant that it was time to begin the ritual. These pitiful beings’ blood would be offered and their chakra used to summon a God. The Nine, were placed ideally on the outskirts of the town equally to ensure that the seal would work perfectly. He was so entranced by this memory, that he didn’t notice the fist connecting with his face, to four clones sliding behind him and kicking him into the air, the real Naruto materializing in the air above and sending him back to earth with a kick to the ribs, screamed “Naruto Rendan!”. He coughed and winced at what was probably a cracked rib. He didn’t heal it completely, but he healed it enough so that he could finish the fight.

“Looks like I’m going to have to kick it up a notch.” Takashi stated. His hands worked in a series of seals. “Kirigakure no Jutsu (Hiding Mist Jutsu)” A thick cloud of mist covered the clearing completely enveloping Naruto in its cold embrace.

“Where are you?” Naruto mumbled to himself.

“Here,” Takashi whispered into his ear before sending him flying into a tree.”

Naruto groaned. “Bastard…” he gritted his teeth. His eyes darted back and forh, despereatly searching for the very same ninja who was perched in the tree above him.
However, Takashi’s rib lanced through with pain and the gasped and almost inaudible gasp. The tree shattered beneath him and suddenly the Naruto poofed away. He looked back as he was falling and saw naruto with his hand near the splintered trunk. Takashi fell in the midst of of the leaves and branches.


Naruto smirked. He couldn’t have made it through that. He had barely heard the intake of breath, and quickly made a kage bunshin and swapped places. Remembering the tree climbing lesson, he pumped a huge amount of chakra into the tree trunk causing it to shatter.

“Hm…” Naruto frowned, “You aren’t dead yet are you?” No answer. He shrugged “Oh well.” He turned to walk away but was stopped when he heard the murmur of ‘Doton: Tsuchi Soujuu no Jutsu (Earth Release: Earth Manipulation jutsu)! ’

A crater appeared under the tree ten yards in diameter, and a foot deep. “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” Naruto yelled and another doppelganger appeared next to him. He started gathering chakra into his hand while the clone spun it, bringing forth the legacy from the Yondaime. Takashi’s eyes widened as he saw the blue orb in Naruto’s hands, but stood his ground.

Naruto charged forward with his clone in tow as he thrust his palm forward. But, to his disappointment, Takashi bent out of the way just in time, to send the Rasengan into the tree, sending a shower of splinter everywhere. Naruto felt a foot on his back, sending him crashing into another tree a dozen yards away. When he looked back Takashi was standing in the middle of the crater, now cleared of the tree by Naruto’s Rasengan, flashing through seals.

Suiton: Bakusui Shōha (Water Style: Exploding Water Shockwave)” He spit out water to fill the basin up to the brim. Taking a stance by stepping onto the water, he half crouched with his hands six inches apart, ready to make seals. “You’re never going to beat me holding back.”

Naruto’s eye flashed. “Fine then, Taijuu Kage Bunsin no Jutsu!” Naruto’s poofed into existence everywhere. Within esconds the clearing and all of the branches were filled with glaring Narutos.


Takashi couldn’t count them all. There was no need to count them. He couldn’t make shadow clones now, not when he was so low on chakra. He thought for a minute,  
Man, this kid’s a machine. And, he hasn’t even tapped into the fox’s chakra. Hm, what to do? Well, I have just enough to diffuse the situation.  Takashi flashed through and extremly long and complicated string of seals, calling out “ Suiton: Aisu Suishou Bakudan (Ice Crystal Bomb)!” Three medium sized pillars of water, and one large sized pillar, shot up from the ground around him. The large pillar encircled him, while the other three formed together into a large crystal easily thirty yards in diameter. Once the ice above him hardened, the water that was circling around him froze to form a shell. With a yell of “Kai!” the crystal exploded, snuffing out the Narutos by the dozens, until within two second there were none left.

Takashi let his ice dome fall down around him into snow. “Hope he survived.” He said. This was confirmed by the pained moan coming from his right. He ran over to Naruto, who was lying on his back, clutching a large shard that was sticking out of his right shoulder.

“I can’t fix that.” He said pointing to Naruto’s shoulder.

“Well,” He grunted, “I should be alright in a few days or so.”

“That’s not going to be good enough. Were going to have to melt that thing and you’re going to have to tap into the fox’s chakra for that to heal.” Ignoring Naruto’s stammering he continued. “Look I don’t care about the fox, but that’s one of the reasons I want to train you. If you really want to show everyone that you aren’t the demon, then you’re going to have to gain control of his powers. After all, it wouldn’t look good if there was a miniature Kyuubi running around destroying everything. We’re going to have to melt that quickly, because it will freeze your blood and we don’t want frozen blood to enter your heart.” Naruto nodded dumbly. “Good, then when your shoulder is fixed, we’ll begin your training.


“So, for a few months I trained, then I…we…decided that I needed field experience. So I taged along with Takashi on his missions.”

“But…I thought you said he was a missing-nin.”

“He is, but he is a blade for hire, much like Zabuza. But, please don’t ask me any more. This is one secret that you must not know of. If anyone found out that I told you this much we would both have a price on our head so large, neither of us would be able to go near a civilized town again.

She nodded slightly, holding her hands near her mouth. “So, you went along with his missions?


“And you killed people….”

“Yes.” H replied.

“How many?”

Naruto sighed, “One Hundred and Thirty-seven.”

She gasped and looked at him. “Why?” she asked in a meek voice.

“Because we are killers. It’s what we do,” He stated matter-of-factly, looking out into the forest, his eyes focusing on nothing. “We kill so that others may live. And when the time comes, we must give our lives to whoever watches over us. We shinobi live on borrowed time. If any village psychiatrist were to examine us, they would be surprised to find the mind of a fully fledged adult, living inside the body of a child. We’ve been brainwashed into following orders. Loyalty to the mission, Loyalty to the Village, Loyalty to the Hokage. They have drilled this into our heads since day one that the Hokage is the Supreme Being in our lives. But, sometimes they are wrong. Very wrong, and they must be destroyed.” His eyes came back into focus and he looked back at Hinata. “The Late Mizukage, Seventy-three Jounin, seventeen Chuunin, thirty-five Genin, and twelve S-rank missing-nin from here...” He rattled off the figures as he unfastened the scroll from his belt. He made a few seals and a black book appeared. Hinata recognized it as a Bingo Book, but this one had seals arranged over many pages. Naruto picked up the book, careful not to touch the seal that fastened cover to cover. He tapped into the fox’s chakra, and made a single bubbling claw on his right hand.

“You must never touch this book. This seal contains a poison that kills within seconds. I have to use the demon’s chakra just to cut through the seals. A glove doesn’t even work.” He opened the book and flipped through the pages. Hinata saw a seal on every one of them, most of which looked like storage scrolls. Naruto came to a page and made a few seals, smearing blood on one corner of the page. Another Bingo Book popped up, this one much thicker than the Leaf Bingo Book that she had seen before. It had a big red marker tucked into the spine on the inside of it. “I get my assignments by jutsu. That way there’s no actual contact with the clients. Of course I never know who is next until I look into the book.” He opened it and showed her the people, each having been marked through with a big red slash, by flipping through the pages until it came to rest on a single black haired person. He stared at the picture before closing it and resealing the book back in the other one.

He re-sealed all of the seals he undid, and fastened the scroll to his belt. “It’s getting late.” Naruto said, standing up. “I have to go home so I can write my report for Tsunade”

Hinata smiled at him and stood up. Fighting back a blush, she hugged him and then turned to run off in the direction of her home.


The last surviving Earth-nin who attacked the convoy entered the darl chamber that housed one of the most feared people in all of the Five Countries. His left arm was usless, thanks to a senbon from that blonde brat. Oh that brat will pay. No one hurts Nagase Tetsuo and gets away with it. He'd just have to get his revenge on the blonde kid after he was done delivering his package.

He carried the blonde girl into the musty room where the Snake Man sat. He laid her at the foot of the throne and backed away. "Here is the girl, Orochimaru."

"Kukuku, well done Tetsuo. You may leave now." he waved the Jounin away, like a king waving off another dish after he had already stuffed himself.

"Hey wait a minute!" Tetsuo yelled pointing at Orochimaru with his good hand, "I nearly got killed out there and I demand just compensation!"

To this Orochimaru just cuckled evily to himself, sending a chill down Tetsuo's spine. Before Tetsuo knew what had hit him, he was sent careening into the wall next to the door that he had entered, courtesy of Orochimaru's fist.

"You listen and you listen well. I give the orders around here. Not you. Me. Now leave my sight you pitiful excuse for a shinobi."

Tetsuo could do nothing but scramble out of the door, trying to catch his breath and waiting for the pain to subside in his stomach. To hell with my revenge on the brat, now this bastard's gonna pay. he thought cruelly to himself. I wonder how much Konoha would pay for this information.


After he had phisically dismissed Tetsuo, Orochimaru went back to his throne and sat down. Kabuto came into the room and went to pick up the unconcious princess. After examining her, he looked up at his master, "She'll make a fine edition to your collection." Assuming she survives the unlocking process.

"Good. Because Sasuke's going to have a challenging fight ahead of him."

"A fight my lord?"

"Yes. Tetsuo's going to betray me to Konoha." Kabuto's eyes widened, and made a move to leave the room to kill him. "But, i'll play along with it for now. Knowing Tsunade, she'll send along Naruto-kun, and then Sasuke will kill him, unlocking his Mangekyou Sharingan. Then I will finally take his body for my own."

Kabuto smiled, "Yes my lord." and left with the princess to the medical wing fo the underground lair, hearing the maniacal laugh that echoed in the halls around him.

Hinata lay in her bed that night, thinking of everything that Naruto had told her. It made her feel good, knowing that he had confided in her, that which he hadn’t told any other soul. But her mind kept going back to the last page that Naruto had flipped to. She had seen who was next, and who was next after him.

The Black-haired boy and the blonde woman. Sasuke Uchiha and the very Hokage herself.
wow. That took a while. 6,200 words and about two week of writing. Yes i know Orochimaru should be dead(or absorbed) by now, but i brought him back to star in my story.

So here's chapter twelve. Hope you like it. WOULD STILL LOVE COMMENTS.

Oh and if anyone wants to draw anybody or any scene from TSF, feel free. Or if you would rather(i would rather) you draw me a tag that i can put so that I can put on the side of my stories. If you ARE going to draw me a Lit. tag, then it has to be 20x155 px PNG, JPEG or GIF image that is smaller than 20 KB.

Just let me know about it, k? THANKS
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So now there's only Seven left. And another tidbit of info, Takashi had trained Naruto the way he wanted to before he led him to be brainwashed. So that way he's controlling him, even without Naruto knowing it. But, Naruto will eventually figure it out, and i haven't decided wheter or not i want Naruto to kill everyone, or do something else, but this ARC is going to climax very soon; probably within 2-3 chapters. Especially, with Naruto about to tell the Hokage everything.
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Either way, my two classes im in right now, are prety much note-taking classes, so i'll only be doing maybe an hour or two of writing a day, and my parents are really riding my ass for getting a D in Plane Trig last semester, so don't come knockin' on my door if i don't have it posted within the week.

But i'll make sure it's good. But tell me, were the fight scenes good? Or is there something i need to improve upon?
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