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hello again. While i have been a faithful deviant for about 3 years, i kind of regret to say that this will be my last, if not one of my last journals and posts on this site. I don't really have anything agounst DA, but i've been roaming about for a while now, and it is a lot easier to post my stories.

On that topic, for all those people out there who think and want so, i posted on the beginning of two halves; i did not write that story. It was someone called damewren. I cam across that story around 4 years ago and even though it pretty much started me on fanfiction, it was horribly wrieen, fraught with typos and grammar errors. So i edited it and decided to share it with the people of For those peopl who keep asking, i WILL NOT be continuing the story into Twice Shy. Damewren wrote the first four chapters and then discontinued the story due to it growing beyond her control. she wrote herself into a corner and decided to jump ship. i'm not pointing blame, but it kinda sucks. I will not be trying to continue that story mainly because of the sheer cliche-ness of the naruhina stories. there are so many of them out there, that they are pretty much canon by now, if not written into the ground.

TSF IS mine, but it is pretty much over and done with. If any of you keep up with my account, my pen name is Kointoss and i've have already moved onto another xover ff of narutox[protoype]. i have to say that it is coming along quite nicely and i am very glad to say that deviating from the norm is not always a bad thing.

Anyways, i will stop by here every once in a while to answer any uestion or notes that people shoot my way, so feel free to ask.

have a nice life,


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United States
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Stojke13 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011  Student Writer
Happy B-day! :party:
mohamedj123 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010
hello napalmjoe88 i have a question about two halves my question is did u make a squeal because i rember reading somthing like this but in thata story three yeass passed and they went back to the villiage and the had master shin-to-be and another shin to be form which is Naruto version and also alot happens and they take the chiunin exams and neji becames the head of the clan because of the father doing somthing in the chunin exam im just wondering if you wrote it or not
napalmjoe88 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2010
no i did not.
mohamedj123 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2010
thanks for replaying but its to late i found out already
D0iscar3u Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2010
im sad that you wont be making a sequal for Two Halves it was a very good story. i was hoping that you would, and as alot of your other watchers have said, so were they. you should try asking around for ideas, everyone needs a little inspiration every now and again.
napalmjoe88 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010
this is true, however, I have pretty much lost all motivation for that story's sequel. There are however, some pretty decent takeover's from people out there ( Plus I believe that they were better than what i was writing anyways.
D0iscar3u Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2010
would you be able to make any story suggestions?
napalmjoe88 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010
depends on what you like. I generally read Naruto FFs, mostly because of the sheer number of them out there, and generally mature (even though most of them are disgustingly writtn yaoi), which are usually written by better and more mature writers who understand that life isn't all dandelions and roses, especially where their main job is killing and secret wars. However here's a list of some pretty good stories and their authors:

Lost Soul-LD 1449 (darker naruto, but still very good)
Out of Sight, Centre of Mind-Scorpio v1.2 (naruhina XP, yet still good)
The Medic of Konoha-ares88
the True Monster-lord of the land of fire (Narutoxrosiaro-vampire xover, very well written)
Senju Naruto-baal of yarns

just a couple to get you started, even if this reply is VERY late.
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AschtheBloody1 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2009   Writer
I'm really hoping that u make a sequel for two halves i just got done rereading it today.
Gorrosh-san Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2009
I guess he's still abroad eh?
Though I hope that when he returns he will continue Two Halves :D
All we can do now is wait :(
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